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Trade and Vocational Schools

College is not for everyone. However, many very good jobs require specific skills and knowledge. How do you get that education if you do not want to go to college? Trade schools (vocational schools) may be the answer. Just as there are pros and cons to attending traditional colleges, the same is true for trade schools or other types of organizations that provide an education that is an alternative to what can be obtained at a traditional college.

Farther down this page, we will provide links to websites that will contain directories for finding trade schools for a large variety of careers. Also, on these websites will be a wealth of information about trade schools that you need to take your time in reading. Before getting to that list of sites, we want to make sure that you know the pros and cons of trade schools. Much of what we are going to write will be a repetition of what is stressed on other sites. However, we repeat this information because we feel that trade schools are a GREAT way to achieve a successful career for many people BUT there are some real risks with trade schools that people need to know.

ACCREDITATION: Just as important as it is for traditional colleges to be accredited by the appropriate governing body (organization), so VERY TRUE is it for trade schools and maybe MORE SO for trade schools. When it comes to trade schools, you have to be VERY CAREFUL when it comes to accreditation. You do not want to become involved with "diploma mills" and other such SCAMS. You have to do your research. Please contact multiple people and organizations to make sure that the trade school that you want to attend will give you an education / degree / certificate that future employers will recognize as legitimate.




Directories for Trade Schools / Vocational Schools / Career Schools / Technical Colleges and Institutes

Colleges: Finding the Right One for YOU web page will list a number of sources to help you find information about colleges AND TRADE SCHOOLS. There are online sources AND BOOKS that may be located at a local library that may help. 
is an EXCELLENT source of information about colleges, universities, trade schools, accreditations, degrees, majors, and much, much more.

Peterson's is mentioned several times on this website because this company has been in the business of contributing to education, for many years.

PLEASE NOTE that all of the sources mentioned above are very good sources of information about trade schools. Some are EXCELLENT sources. However, for some information, you may need simply to go to Google and type in your search for a college or a specific type of career in a particular state or province. For example, let's take a look at allied health careers. There are hospital-based, two-year programs for careers such as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Respiratory Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, and a few more. Hardly any source, but Google, covers hospital-based programs. On Google, type  sonographer "hospital based"   and you will see Diagnostic Medical Sonographer programs taught at hospitals. You can narrow the search by adding a state.

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