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About Us

We are a small staff who have decades of experience in the field of education and medicine. Between all of us, we know some of the advantages and disadvantages of trying to obtain an education whether it is from a trade school or a major university. We created this website to give back to the community. None of us are experts, but we would like to share some knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. We hope that the information will be able to help people who are trying to succeed at obtaining an education, or finding a job, in these very difficult times.

We know that the entire process of obtaining an education, and then finding the job that will make your life and the lives of your loved ones better, will NOT be easy. If the process is easy, then great. However, for us, it took a real commitment to succeed and we suspect that you will find the same thing. It takes a major effort in time, energy, and money to obtain a college degree and search for the job that you want. It means sacrifices, during the adventure, for you and for your family. Although it will not be easy, there are people, organizations, and resources that can help make things EASIER for you during this process.

Within this website, we have collected information that we hope will make some things easier for you. Please take your time looking through this site, as well as other sites that will help you access MORE information

At this time, we need to address organizations that we have associated with in order to help us fund this site. For some organizations, such as, we have become associates for a couple of reasons. If you go through our site to purchase a book at, we get a few cents from for that purchase. To be totally honest, the money helps us pay the bill to keep this site on the Web host computer. We have tried to associate with reputable companies that we respect and use ourselves. We find that provides a valuable service at a fair price and can be a benefit to people. However, there are advertisers on other sites that may not be reputable. We must emphasize that whenever you purchase a product from any company, PLEASE watch out for SCAMS. Do your research before giving out money or signing up for something. Please watch out for companies that want to just take your money without giving you a quality product. Especially, be careful when trying to find financial aid. DO NOT give out sensitive information such as a social security number. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF SCAMS.

This site has been created to help people obtain a college (or some type of educational postsecondary) degree and then do the next natural thing with that degree and that is to obtain a good job. We hope that this Library of resources covers the basics of taking some of the mystery out of what the college or trade school experience is all about. We know that the entire process involved in obtaining a degree is not easy. However, we hope that the information on this website helps make some aspects of obtaining an education and a career, EASIER.

We welcome any feedback that you can give us. We hope that you find this site helpful.

Thank you very much for visiting this website and please visit us again.

The Staff of The College and Career Library

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