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Grants and Scholarships with the LEAST Amount of Eligibility Requirements so just about ANYONE can Apply

There are hundreds of thousands of college grants and scholarships available, but many people will find that most of the scholarships will have specific eligibility requirements that prevent them from applying for those scholarships. Many scholarships are based on criteria such as gender, race, financial status, marital status, military service, location, school, and more. Many people ask if there are "ANY scholarships that have ALMOST NO eligibility requirements so that just about anyone can apply for them? Are there specific scholarships that are for everyone? Are there scholarships for U.S. citizens OR non-U.S. citizens that the only requirement is wanting financial aid so that they can go to school?" The answer is YES, there ARE such scholarships. It appears that there are NOT a lot of these type of scholarships, but there are some.

Following is a list of some college grants and scholarships that have the LEAST amount of eligibility requirements so just about any United States citizen or legal resident can apply for these grants and scholarships for funding their education beyond high school. This type of scholarship is very hard to find. We feel that there are more out there, BUT we do not know where they are. However, we will continue to look and add what we find to this web page. Although we have tried to find scholarships with no restrictions, we have to admit that some of these have a restriction or two. For example, some of these scholarships are for high school seniors. Some of these scholarships are for women. However, we feel that people will be able to apply for a majority of the following scholarships. There is NO guarantee that you will receive money from these scholarships, because the competition is fierce for financial aid. The demand for scholarships is greater than the supply of money. HOWEVER, you have as good as chance as anyone else when applying for these grants and scholarships.


Get-Frontier Scholarship (Twice a Year Scholarship)


Eligibility: "Both current students and incoming freshmen are eligible."

PLEASE visit the website for very specific instructions for the essay.

Money: $1,000.


University Tutor MONTHLY Scholarship Contest


Eligibility Requirements: This ESSAY contest is open to anyone that is 16 years of age or older or the applicable age of legal consent under the applicable laws of such person’s country or territory, provided that any participants under the age of 18 return a signed copy of their parent or legal guardian’s consent, before participating in the applicable contest and in the manner specified by on the Website.

It appears that international students are able to apply for this scholarship.

More information about the topic of the essay can be found at the website.

Money: $100. One hundred dollars.

More information can be located at:


Reservation Counter Scholarships (TWO SCHOLARSHIPS)

Sponsor: Reservation Counter.

Eligibility Requirements: "Reservation Counter is offering a scholarship program for US students enrolled in colleges, universities and private institutions. This need-based scholarship program is designed to support and motivate students to value and make the most of their education. Reservation Counter looks to give scholarship awards to deserving students to achieve higher quality education, and are actively promoting education to encourage students to improve their knowledge and strive for excellence."

Money: Two different scholarships offered at different times of the year. Each scholarship is worth $1,500.



Zumper Apartments Search Scholarship (TWICE A YEAR)

Sponsor: Zumper. Zumper is "a national home and apartment rental search site. Finding a place to rent has been difficult for too long, so we're out to completely change the game. We've built the first apartment search platform that not only helps you find the perfect place, but also apply for an apartment."

Eligibility Requirements: Any legal U.S. resident in high school or college who will be attending an accredited university or college is eligible to apply.

Zumper is "looking for outstanding students who have helped their classmates or community in a tremendous way. Maybe you started a club that raised $10,000 for charity, or championed recycling and sustainable practices across campus. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it!"

"To apply, please submit a short piece of writing, that includes the following:

1. How you've impacted your fellow student body or community.
2. An intro to housing near your school. Where are the best areas for students to live? You can also include up to 5 original images from around campus. If we like them, we may include them on our site and mobile apps (accredited to you of course!).

Recipients will be selected based on the overall strength of their application materials."

Money: $1,000.

For more information, including deadlines, please visit the website at:


The Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship


Eligibility: The Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship is open to legal residents of the United States between the ages of 16 and 19, who are current students of any accredited educational institution or program of higher learning. High school students and homeschooled students who plan to enroll in college upon graduation are strongly encouraged to apply. No person affiliated with may submit an entry. This is an ESSAY contest and the topic of the essay is located at their website.

Money: $1,000.


Dave’s Bike Site Scholarship (Video Contest)

Sponsor: Dave’s Bike Site

Eligibility Requirements: Go to website to view requirements. Basically, you create video about your favorite memories with a bicycle. There is more to it, though.
International students are welcome to apply, however, we can ONLY mail the Award to a school address inside the UNITED STATES, on a military base, or on US territories.

This scholarship is sponsored by
101 W 29th St, STE G142, Pittsburg, Ks 66762

Money: $1,000.

Please go to for MORE information.


Dogs by Nina $1,000 “Show and Tell” Scholarship (Video Contest)


Eligibility Requirements: The requirements are very similar to the requirements listed for the Dave’s Bike Site Scholarship. The big difference is that you create a video where you tell people about your favorite pet memories.
International students are welcome to apply, however, we can ONLY mail the Award to a school address inside the UNITED STATES, on a military base, or on US territories.

This scholarship is sponsored by
101 W 29th St, STE G142, Pittsburg, Ks 66762

Money: $1,000.


GoodCall Scholarship


Eligibility: Scholarship is open to high school seniors, current undergraduate students and graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0. This is an ESSAY contest and the topic of the essay can be found at their website.

Money: $2,500.


The Herb Affair Scholarship Award

Sponsor: Herb Affair.

Eligibility: Any current student enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university is welcome to apply. This is an ESSAY contest and the topic is listed at their website.

Money: $1,000.


Intermountain Vein Center (iVein) Health and Wellness Scholarship
. (Video Contest. NO Essay)

Sponsor: Intermountain Vein Center

Eligibility:. You must be a US resident enrolled in high school, college, or trade school to apply.

Money: Two $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually.

Contact: Scholarship Program (Video Contest)



Eligibility Requirements: U.S. resident and be enrolled in high school, college, or trade school. Create and upload a 2-5 minute video to Youtube that details one of two things: 1. How you personally save money as a college student. 2. An amazing extreme coupon haul that you have made.  “Your video must also include a short intro about your reasons for living a frugal lifestyle, and in the video description, link back to this scholarship page.We may include your response in a blog post on our site, so please keep that in mind when making your response.” Please contact the website for MORE information.

Money: $1,000.


Awareness of Smoking Essay Contest (THREE Awards)

Sponsor: Vaping Daily

Eligibility: “The essay contest from VapingDaily is only available to undergraduate and graduate students who are 18 years of age or older. Candidates are required to be currently accepted or enrolled in a college or university within the United States or in the District of Columbia. Submission of an essay is limited to only one (1) per student.”

Money: “Every year, we select three winners in the essay contest. The winners will receive awards toward their tuition at their respective colleges and universities."  First Place is $3,000. Second Place is $2,000. Third Place is $1,000.



The HotelsCheap Scholarship Program (OFFERED Twice a year)


Eligibility Requirements: US students who are 16 years of age or older are encouraged to apply for our scholarships. High school students, undergraduate students, master degree students, and adult learners are all encouraged to apply.

Money: Two scholarships are offered TWICE a year. Each worth $1,500.


Resume Companion Scholarships
(Offered Each Semester)

Sponsor: Resume Companion

Eligibility Requirements: “Staff at Resume Companion remember the hardship of being a student so want to make this scholarship available to as many students as possible! As such, we do not require any sort of minimum GPA, and both domestic and international students may apply.”

All applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, in full time university education for the semester they are applying to receive the scholarship fund.

One application can be made per student, per semester.
MORE instructions are available on the website. You will be creating “a resume based on the life of any fictional or non-fictional character, from TV, history, literature or myth.”

Money:  “Each semester, we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to the student who can create the best resume, based on the life of any fictional or non-fictional character, from TV, history, literature or myth.”

For MORE information:


The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program

Sponsor: Sleeklens.

Eligibility: Be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or be able to present letter of acceptance. This is an ESSAY contest. The topic is listed at their website.

Money: Three winners will receive $2,000 each.



Lendedu Scholarship


Eligibility: Must be a current high school or a full-time college student. Be a U.S Citizen. Must be earning a minimum 2.5 GPA. This is an ESSAY contest. The topic is listed on their website.

Money: $1,000.



Waterlogic’s Clean Water Scholarship

Sponsor: Waterlogic.

Eligibility: Essay contest with the topics listed at their website.

Money: $1,500.


Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship


Eligibility: Any current college student or incoming freshman in an undergraduate, graduate degree program, or trade school. Student must be enrolled at an accredited American college, university, or trade school. This is an ESSAY contest.

Money: $5,000.



Rain Control Works Scholarship

Sponsor: Rain Control of Central Florida, Inc.

Eligibility: “This scholarship is available to any student who is attending high school as a graduating senior or who is currently registered in any accredited post-secondary institution, college, business, or technical school in the U.S. This includes home schooled students. High school seniors must be accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution.” This is an ESSAY contest with the topic listed at their website.

Money: $1,500.

Contact: (Formerly Education-Portal) Tuition Won't Stop Me Scholarship Opportunity


" offers 10 different academic scholarships totaling $5,500 to students who are pursing higher education. Our goal with scholarships is to help alleviate the rising cost of college." There are other study services offered that may interest students.

The scholarships and financial awards vary.

Please contact:

FormSwift $1,000 Summer Scholarship Contest 

Sponsor: FormSwift

Eligibility Requirements:

1. You must be a graduating senior in high school or enrolled in college. Community college, professional college, and graduate students are all eligible, in addition to undergraduates at four-year universities. 
2. You may not be related to any of FormSwift’s staff or our extended family. 
3. International students, including students from a college or graduating from a high school outside the United States, are also eligible to apply. 
4. We reserve the right to verify date of high school graduation and/or college enrollment. 

Write a One to Two Page Business Plan or make a Business Plan Infographic about one of the following business industries for a chance to win the FormSwift Summer Scholarship:

Money: $1,000.

Contact for MORE information:


TV Scholarship

Sponsor: TV Providers

Eligibility Requirements: Draw, paint, design, photograph or film a recreation of your favorite sports moment.


Money: $1,000.



A Better America Scholarship Contest

Sponsor: Global English Editing.

"Global English Editing awards scholarships to students in the United States who intend to make a positive contribution to the country’s future. We award $1000 to one university student each year. We do this because as a company we want to reach out to the student generation and reward initiative, innovation and lofty idealism."

Eligibility Requirements:

Money: $1,000.



The Infoparrot Scholarship of Academic Excellence

Sponsor: Info parrot

Eligibility Requirements: "Which nationalities can apply for this: We currently accept all nationalities.

Note that your university must be an accredited institution recognized by the highest academic authorities in your country."

This IS an ESSAY contest. The topic for the essay can be located at the website.

Money: $1,250.



The Plastic Place Scholarship

Sponsor: The Plastic Place: the trash bag place.

Eligibility Requirements:

This is an ESSAY contest. The topic of the essay can be located on the website.

Money: $1,500.



The Expert Institute's Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship

Sponsor: The Expert Institute.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be actively pursuing a degree related to healthcare or the life sciences AND have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Money: $1,000.



Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship

Sponsor: Protective Bedding Store.

Eligibility Requirements: The Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship is a $1,000 award open to any undergraduate or graduate student. To apply, students must make a creative piece (comic, short film, drawing, poem, etc.) featuring the Dry Defender mascot.

Money: $1,000.

Contact Information:



Pelican Water Systems Scholarship (Bi-annual) (NO Essay Contest)

Sponsor: Pelican Water Systems

Eligibility Requirements: High School or college student.
Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #pelicanwatersmart. Tag @pelicanwatersystems in the caption of the photo. Include a 1-2 sentence caption answering the question listed at the website.

Money: First Place: $1,500. Second Place: $1,000. Third Place: $500.



Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships (Multiple Scholarships)

Sponsor: Daughters of the American Revolution

I think that at one time, DAR offered scholarships for only members of this organization. However, this organization has opened things up. DAR now offers more than one scholarship and some of them are available for NON-members.
PLEASE visit the website in order to see which scholarships are available for you.

The Richard and Elizabeth Dean Scholarship is a general scholarship for the general public. This scholarship is worth $5,000.

The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to students who are in financial need and are accepted and enrolled in an accredited school of nursing.

Contact: Please visit the website at
for more eligibility and application information.


DSL Scholarship

Sponsor: Internet Service Providers, LLC.

Eligibility Requirements: U.S. Citizens in high school or as student attending or ready to attend college as a freshman.  The school has to be an accredited school as listed on the official accreditation website of the U.S. Department of Education. This is a blog/essay contest.

Money: $1,000.




Lexington Law Scholarship

Sponsor: Lexington Law

Eligibility Requirements: Any current, full-time student of an accredited U.S. university or college with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 is welcome to apply. There is no age requirement. Topic of the essay is located at the website.

Money: "Two gifts totaling $10,000 will be awarded annually." Each semester (spring and fall) one recipient will receive a $5,000 scholarship to the institution of their choice. Recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship one time during their lifetime.

Contact: Scholarships


Eligibility Requirements: The award is open to any currently enrolled full-time student of an accredited U.S. university or college with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. There is no age requirement for the award.

Money: Multiple scholarships are awarded a year. The financial award varies per scholarship.

Contact: Scholarships (TWO)

Sponsor: is offering TWO different scholarships. Each scholarship is worth $1,000.

SeniorAdvice Volunteer Scholarship is for students attending a two or four year college or university. You will need to answer five questions located at their website. The answers can be in a form of essay or video. MORE information is located at their website.

SeniorAdvice Caregiver Scholarship is for students attending a two or four year college or university. You will need to answer five questions located at their website. The answers can be in a form of essay or video. MORE information is located at their website.

PLEASE visit their website for more information on the content of the essay or video.

Money: Each scholarship is worth $1,000 each.

Contact: Scholarship.
(Essay Contest AND a Film Contest)


Four winners will be chosen, based on quality of submitted essay. Highest award is $3,000. Three additional winners will be given $1000 each.

Eligibility Requirements: The topic of the essay can be found at their website but this essay contest allows students to share their ideas on obesity.

IF essays are not in your interest, then maybe their Film Contest would be something that you would be interested in. Please visit their website for much more information.

Money: There will be four winners. One person is awarded $3,000 and three people get $1,000 each.



B Davis Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.

There is no age restriction.

You need to write an essay of less than 1000 words on a topic supplied at their website.

Money: $1,000.

More Information:


Varsity Tutors Scholarship

Sponsor: Varsity Tutors L.L.C.

Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship essay contest is open to "individuals who are at least 16 years of age on or before their entry into the promotion. Such individuals must be legal resident of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia." The topic of the essay can be found on their website and can VARY per contest. This contest is advertised as a MONTHLY contest.

Money: $200. (Monthly Contest ?)

More information can be located at:


American Bullion Scholarship

Sponsor: American Bullion

Eligibility Requirements: "Applicant must be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university within the United States. Winners will be asked to provide a valid student ID, transcript, or other proof of enrollment before receiving their winnings. This scholarship is not open to high school students entering college." Topic of the essay is listed at the website.

"American Bullion believes in the value of education and encourages students to improve their knowledge of tangible assets. In early 2014, American Bullion launched its first annual Scholarship Program to help students achieve their educational goals. Over 900 applications were received, and a total of 10 scholarships were awarded: five high school scholarships and five college scholarships."

Money: "Three scholarships worth $1,000 each will be awarded in early December."



Future of Assisted Living Scholarship


Eligibility Requirements: “The annual scholarship award is for three (3) students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university during the 2016-2017 academic year.” “In our third year, the scholarship is being expanded to students in Canada (excluding Quebec).”

The following are ineligible to apply:

    Employees of, A Place for Mom, Inc., or A Place for Mom Canada, Inc.

    An immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of     
    where they reside) of an employee of, A Place for Mom, Inc., or A Place  
    for Mom Canada, Inc.

    A person living in the same household, whether or not related, of an employee of, A Place for Mom, Inc., or A Place for Mom Canada, Inc.


Applicants must include a 250-word maximum introductory bio with their 500-750 word essay and sign the Scholarship Award Agreement. The topic of the essay can be located at their website.

Money: A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to three (3) individual students who write the most compelling essay as judged by staff.



Proofreading Annual Scholarship (Multiple Scholarships)

Sponsor: Proofreading

Proofreading Services has changed its format from it use to be.

"The Video Poetry Scholarships reward talented young poets around the world. We offer six awards, three for high school seniors and three for university students."

"In the 2015-2016 competition, students were each asked to write and recite an original poem in a YouTube video. We received hundreds of entries in both categories from applicants worldwide. The six awardees created poems that inspired and moved us, and we're thrilled to announce them here."

Please visit their website for MORE information.

Contact Information:


Sussle Scholarship

Sponsor: Sussle org

Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship may not appeal to everyone, but there is NO ESSAY, which appeals to a lot of people. Sussle advertises that this is "not your usual scholarship" and they are correct. You enter the contest by entering, at least, one topic on Sussle. Sussle is kind of like Wikipedia. There is much more to this contest, so PLEASE visit the website.

Money: $300 award.

Please contact for MUCH more information:



The Beliz Law Firm Video Essay Scholarship Contest

Please visit the website for more details about this scholarship contest. The topic of the video can change from year to year.

Eligibility: High school seniors who have been accepted to a college, trade school, or university, or students attending  a college, trade school, or university.


Contact: Scholarship Contest


Eligibility Requirements:

Money: $1,000.00.

Contact Information:


The Online Games Scholarship Contest

Sponsor: Big Fish.
Eligibility Requirements: Open to college-bound graduating high school seniors and students currently enrolled in college (U.S. students only).

This is an ESSAY Contest.

Money: $2,500. Check website.

Contact Information for more information:


Arrow Exterminators Scholarship Contest

Sponsor: Arrow Exterminators.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to all legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry and who are either currently enrolled in a college program or who are a senior graduating from high school. This is an essay contest. The topic of the essay can be found on their website.

Money: $1,000.

Contact and MORE information:



American Public Health Association Essay Get Ready Scholarships

ACCORDING to their website, this scholarship will NOT be offered in 2015, BUT they plan to offer this scholarship in 2016.

Sponsor: American Public Health Association (APHA).

"To raise awareness about emergency preparedness, APHA is offering its fourth annual Get Ready Scholarship. The scholarship is a component of APHA’s Get Ready campaign, which works to help Americans prepare themselves, their families and their communities for all disasters and hazards, including pandemic flu, infectious disease, natural disasters and other emergencies."

Eligibility Requirements:

Money: Six scholarships of $500 each will be awarded:

Contact Information, Guidelines, and Essay Topics:

ACCORDING to their website, this scholarship will NOT be offered in 2016, BUT they MIGHT plan to offer this scholarship in 2017.


Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Inc.

Sponsor: Coca-Cola

Eligibility Requirements: Graduating high school seniors enrolled in accredited colleges. GPA of at least 3.0.

Money: 250 scholarships awarded ranging from $10,000 to $20,000.

Contact Information:

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 442
Atlanta, GA 30301-0442
Phone: 800-306-2653


Paper-Check.Com, LLC.
Charles Shafae' Scholarship Fund

Sponsor:, LLC.

Eligibility Requirements: The Charles Shafae' Scholarship Fund awards two $500 scholarships each year (one per long semester) to the winners of the Papercheck ESSAY Contest.

The Papercheck Essay Contest is open to students of all majors. To qualify for entry, participants must meet the following criteria:

Money: Two scholarships worth $1,000 each.

Contact Information and more information on requirements: OR

703 Market Street, Suite 2100
San Francisco, CA 94103


Sallie Mae Fund Scholarship Program

Sponsor: The Sallie Mae Fund

We have modified this listing a number of times because Sallie Mae has made a number of changes to their website and information over the years.

Over the years, scholarships provided by Sallie Mae seem to come and go. The thing to keep in mind is that apparently Sallie Mae will provide some scholarships, but you need to keep checking their website or organization in some way. As of this writing, the main web page to contact for scholarship information is: This URL seems to change over the years, also.

There have been a couple of things that have continued over the years:

  1. Occasionally, Sallie Mae will provide scholarships, BUT they change.
  2. Sallie Mae has added a free scholarship search service. You need to register.

Please use the following link for current information about Sallie Mae's scholarships:

There is some VERY GOOD information about scholarships and about searching for scholarships at this website. Sallie Mae is a very well-respected educational source.

Quit Smoking Community Scholarship (Multiple Awards)


Eligibility Requirements: Be at least 18 years old. Enrolled in U.S. institution for graduate or undergraduate program. An American citizen or lawful permanent resident.

This is an ESSAY contest with the topic listed at their website.

Money: First place is $1,500. Second place is $1000. Third place is $500.



UNIGO has taken over Campus Discovery Scholarships
AND so that "In addition to scholarships, you have access to colleges, internships, careers, and a whole lot more -- all with your same login."

Campus Discovery offered a couple of scholarships such as Campus Discovery $5,000 "Value of College" Scholarship AND The Campus Discovery $2,500 "Advice to Your High School Self" Scholarship. Scholarship Experts offered a scholarship search service and a number of their own scholarships, also.

It appears that UNIGO offers these services and much MORE. Visiting their website may well be worth it.



Burger King Scholarship

Sponsor: Burger King.

"Created in memory of BURGER KING co-founder James W. McLamore, the BURGER KING Scholars program has awarded more than 17,000 scholarships—$17.6 million—to high school students, BK® employees and their children across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. This spring, thanks to the support of the BK® family and the McLamore Family Foundation, the Foundation awarded 1, scholarships, totaling more than $2.2 million, nearly doubling the number of scholarships granted in 2011. Scholarship grants range from $1,000 to $50,000, are intended to help students offset the cost of attending college or post-seconday vocational/technical school. Recipients are selected based on their grade point average, work experience, extracurricular activities and/or community service.

Applicants must:

Be residents of the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Be graduating high school seniors (U.S. and Puerto Rico), graduating from grade 12 (Canada) or graduating from home school education in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada.

Plan to enroll at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Money: $1,000 to $50,000.

More information can be located at:


The U.S. Department of Education
provides funding for several grants. The Pell Grant is one of the most popular grants that many, many students receive year-after-year. However, we need to mention a couple of other grants that may help. PLEASE do NOT underestimate the value of the Pell Grant as well as the following two grants by the Department of Education. Many students will qualify for, at least, some Pell Grant money. Some students will qualify for the maximum amount of Pell Grant money, which is over $5,000.

As of the 2011-2012 school year, the federal government will no longer fund the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) or the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART). These were popular scholarships/grants that were funded for a number of years. There are a few other federal-funded scholarships/grants that will interest a number of people. For more information about the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), TEACH Grant, and more, PLEASE click on the following link for more information at

PLEASE visit a College Financial Aid Office for more information about Federal and State college grants, scholarships, and financial aid.


Chegg’s $1,000 Monthly Scholarship

Sponsor: Chegg

Chegg is no longer just about renting books. Chegg now includes Zinch and offers a variety of college-related information, INCLUDING scholarships.

Chegg does offer, at least, a $1,000 Monthly Scholarship.

Please go to this website for more information about scholarships:


Admission Hook Scholarship

PLEASE NOTE: This web page seems to come and go. Please keep checking IF the web page does not appear.

Sponsor: First Choice College Placement

Eligibility Requirements: "Any 9th-12th grade high school, college, or graduate student. There are no age limits but you have to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident."

This is an ESSAY contest. MORE requirements are listed on their website.

Money: The award is presented bi-annually. The money varies between $250 and $1,000.

Contact Information as well as topic of the essay and other information can be found at:


U.S. Bank Scholarships

Sponsor: U.S. Bank.

Eligibility Requirements: Apply for this scholarship online. "The program is open to high school seniors and college undergraduates at eligible two and four-year colleges or universities. Winners will be selected at random. There is NO mention of an essay contest.

For the Financial Genius Scholarship contest, you have to "complete all eight Financial Genius education modules."

Money: Five $5,000 scholarships will be awarded.

Contact Information and Rules: Scholarship Essay Contest


Eligibility Requirements: Complete a 500-word essay that answers a question. The topic or question for the essay changes each year. This scholarship appears to be for just about anyone, not just high school students.

Money: First place is $5,000. Second place is $2,500. Third place is $1,000.

Contact Information:


Sharps Compliance, Inc Spring Scholarship

Sponsor: Sharps Compliance, Inc.

Eligibility Requirements: "You must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen and have been accepted to or be currently enrolled in an accepted university in healthcare-related studies." Topics for the essay are on the website.

Money: First prize is $1,500. Second prize is $1,000. Third prize is $750.

Contact Information with rules and topics for the essay are at:


Savvy Saver Scholarship

Sponsor: Vertive, LLC (Publisher of

Eligibility Requirements: Be U.S. Citizen or permanent resident; at least 18 years of age, attending college at an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university in the U.S.

" knows how important it is for college students to keep a close eye on their spending. It's tough to eat Ramen all week so you have enough money to go out on Saturday night. We want students to tell us how they use the Internet to save money on their college expenses. The student with the best essay on the topic will receive a $2,500 scholarship. No purchase is necessary to participate. "

Money: $2,500.

MORE information:


Opportunity to View More Scholarships Like the Ones Listed Above:

YouTube Video:  How to Find College Grants and Scholarships is a short six-minute video that gives you an overall look at where to find college grants and scholarships. If you have no idea on where to start to find financial aid, then this video will give you a good idea on how to go about finding free money in the form of financial aid, grants, and scholarships for college or trade schools for a variety of groups of people such as nursing students, single moms, women, and just about any U.S. Citizen seeking scholarships with the least amount of eligibility requirements.

List of No Essay Scholarships Video is a YouTube Video that gives a brief explanation of scholarships without essays and then provides a list of some actual no essay scholarships. We know that the college scholarship without the essay requirement is a popular, but yet very hard-to-find scholarship. It is very frustating to write essay after essay and not be awarded a scholarship. This video will give information about scholarships without the essay requirement.


I think that most people would agree that it takes a LONG time to find scholarships with almost no eligibility requirements like what are listed above. We found that there is NO one source for this type of information. There is an ASTONISHING number of grants and scholarships out there, BUT we found it so FRUSTRATING trying to find those scholarships that had almost no restrictions when it came to eligibility requirements. However, we did find a Kindle eBook that will list about 150 college grants and scholarships with the least amount of eligibility requirements so just about any United States citizen or legal resident can apply for a majority of the scholarships listed.  The title of the Kindle eBook is:

College Grants and Scholarships with the Minimum Amount of Eligibility Requirements

A majority of the scholarships listed require you to write an essay, but there are some scholarships listed that require no essay. Some of the scholarships are just for high school seniors. However, there are quite a few scholarships for students who have been out of high school awhile. There are scholarships for those who are about to attend college or are already in college. A majority of people will be able to apply to a majority of the 150 scholarships on this list of scholarships. 

If you do not have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle Previewer in order to view Kindle books on your PC at OR . We know how difficult it is to format documents for the Kindle so the formatting might be kind of strange for some of the text. However, we find the text tolerable and the links work.

Normally, we advise you to see if a local library has this eBook. However, we know that eBooks are not a big part of many library’s budget so it is questionable if many libraries purchased this Kindle eBook.  We know how frustrating that it is trying to find scholarships with almost no eligibility requirements and that are "portable", so it is up to you if you want to purchase the eBook. Only you can decide if the low price is worth it.

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