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List of Books (Bibliography) Written by Christian Fiction Author Stephen Bly

Stephen Bly is a well-respected Christian fiction writer known for his historical fiction involving the old west. If you want Christian fiction westerns, then Stephen Bly is one the best authors who has satisfied a lot of readers for this type of Christian fiction.  The following is a list of books written by Stephen and his wife, Janet. A majority of the books are “westerns” but a number of them are contemporary stories set in the west.  Most of the books are part of a specific series.

This list presents adult Christian fiction westerns as well as a few series meant for youth. The dates listed are the original publication dates. Many, MANY of the following books were reprinted later in Large Print. Please check if you would prefer a large print edition.

Please note Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot. bk. 7 of the Stuart Brannon series. 2012  Large Print
This was Stephen Bly’s last book and he completed only part of it before his death in 2011. Stephen’s wife and sons finished the book. Most people who read this book give great reviews and see this book as an inspiring tribute to Stephen Bly.


Novels (Fiction)

Throw the Devil Off the Train.  2011 Large Print.  Historical Western

Cowboy for a Rainy Day.  2010. Large Print. Historical Western

Creede of Old Montana. 2009. Large Print. Historical Western

The Land Tamers.  2009 (original 1997). Large Print Historical Western

One Step Over the Border.  2007. Historical Western

Paperback Writer : a writer. 2003.  Large Print Mystery/Detective


Adventures on the American Frontier Series (Juvenile Literature)

Daring Rescue at Sonora Pass. bk. 1. 2003

Dangerous Ride Across Humboldt Flats. bk. 2. 2003

Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains. bk. 3. 2003


The Austin-Stoner Files Series (Detective/Mystery)

"Lynda Austin, book editor of a New York publishing company, goes west and teams up with a rodeo cowboy to search for a lost manuscript of the publisher's most successful author."

The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison. bk. 1. 1995

The Final Chapter of Chance McCall. bk. 2. 1996

The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste. bk. 3.  1997



Belles of Lordsburg Series

"Banished from Washington, D.C. by her politically ambitious father, Grace Denison now longs only for a life of peace and seclusion. She just may have found it it Lordsburg, New Mexico, a small railroad town where people hide until the world stops looking."

The Senator’s Other Daughter.  bk. 1. 2001.

The General’s Notorious Widow. bk. 2.  2001

The Outlaw’s Twin Sister. bk. 3. 2002


Carson City Chronicles

"When a wealthy woman is found battered and abandoned, her womanizing embezzler of a husband mysteriously vanishes. His sister arrives from the East to avenge his reputation, and Carson City's spunky and beloved Judith Kingston, wife of Judge Hollis A. Kingston, finds herself caught up in a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo. Will she stay safe in the eye of the storm until justice is served?"

Judith and the Judge. bk. 1. 2000

Marthellen and the Major. bk. 2. 2000

Roberta and the Renegade. bk. 3. 2000

Crystal Blake Series (Juvenile Literature) (These books may be HARD to find)

"Crystal Blake moves to Idaho and achieves her dream of owning a horse. The books present stories of Crystal, family, and friends handling all kinds of adventures."

Crystal’s Perilous Ride. bk. 1. 1986

Crystal’s Blizzard Trek. bk. 2. 1986

Crystal’s Grand Entry. bk. 3. 1986

Crystal’s Mill Town Mystery. bk. 4. 1986

Crystal’s Rodeo Debut. bk. 5. 1986

Crystals Solid Gold Discovery. bk. 6. 1986


Code of the West Series review “Pepper Paige is sick of her life as a dance-hall girl. She decides to assume a new identity and get a fresh start. Then, she finds out her fiance is not who he claimed to be either. If they end their charade, will they still love each other? Can they trust God enough to walk in the truth? A great start for a good old western series.”

It’s Your Own Misfortune and None of My Own. bk. 1. 1994

One Went to Denver and Other Went Wrong. bk. 2.  1995

Where the Deer and Antelope Play. bk. 3. 1995

Stay Away from that City…They Call It Cheyenne. bk. 4. 1996

My Foot’s in the Stirrup—My Pony Won’t Stand.  bk. 5. 1996

I’m Off to Montana for to Throw the Hooligan. bk. 6. 1997


Fortunes of the Black Hills Series

"In search of a new life out west, Brazos Fortune finds his family endangered by the very quest he hoped would save them.

With these simple words, Brazos Fortune sets out on his journey in the first of Stephen Blys new Fortunes of the Black Hills series. When locals threaten the lives and property of his family. Brazos abandons his Texas homestead for a new ranch in the West he has seen in a dream. Its a war against corrupt lawmen, wild outlaws, and bitter winter weather as Brazos wrestles with his newfound hunger for gold and the burning desire to be reunited with his family. He must test himself against the untamed frontier, confront the greedy miners who try his Christian convictions, and find the new home God showed him Beneath a Dakota Cross."

Beneath a Dakota Cross. bk. 1. 1999

Shadows of Legends. bk. 2. 2000

The Long Trail Home. bk. 3. 2001

Friends and Enemies. bk. 4.  2002

Last of the Texas Camp. bk. 5. 2002

The Next Roundup. bk. 6. 2003


Heroines of the Golden West Series

Sweet Caroline. bk. 1. 1998

Marquesa. bk. 2. 1999

Miss Fontenot. bk. 3. 1999


Hidden West Series

Each book revolves around the summer adventures of the Shadowbrooks, a husband and wife team with a knack for uncovering and solving local mysteries.

Fox Island. bk. 1. 1996

Copper Hill. bk. 2. 1997

Columbia Falls. bk. 3. 1998


Homestead Series

"The Bowers family knows a lot about adversity. Matthew Bowers' imaginative plans have kept them moving from place to place--sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Now they're ready to settle in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. There's just one problem ... Actually, there are several. Their new homestead is definitely not what they were told--and it doesn't seem to be completely theirs either!"

Strangers & Pilgrims. bk. 1.  2002.

Courage & Compromise. bk. 2. 2003

Reason & Riots. bk. 3. 2003


Horse Dreams Series

"The sudden death of Develyn Worrell's ex-husband embitters her daughter against her. Her daughter feels Develyn's lack of forgiveness contributed to his heart attack. Develyn heads west where she finds not only her past, but her present and her future as well."

Memories of a Dirt Road Town. bk. 1. 2005

The Mustang Breaker. bk. 2. 2006

Wish I’d Know You Tears Ago. bk. 3.  2006


Jed Rivers Collection

“Rivers” in Arizona. bk. 1.  1991

Rivers in Arizona: Rocks of Ages. bk. 2. 1991


The Lewis & Clark Squad Adventure Series  (Contemporary Juvenile Literature/Mystery and Detective)

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch. bk. 1. 1997

The Secret of the Old Rifle. bk. 2. 1997

Treachery at the River Canyon. bk. 3. 1997

Revenge on Eagle Island. bk. 4. 1998

Danger at Deception Pass. bk. 5. 1998

Hazards of the Half-Court Press. bk. 6. 1998


Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure Series (Juvenile Literature)

In book one, when his parents are not in the frontier town where he expected to meet them, twelve-year-old Nathan sets out to find them, encountering prospectors, Indians, outlaws, and a loyal dog along the way. The books follow the adventures of young Nathan in nineteenth-century Nevada.

The Dog Who Would Not Smile. bk. 1. 1992

Coyote True. bk. 2. 1992

You Can Always Trust a Spotted Horse. bk. 3. 1993

The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada. bk. 4. 1993

Never Dance with a Bobcat. bk. 5. 1994

Hawks Don’t Say Goodbye. bk. 6.  1994


Old California Series

"Alena is a confident entrepreneur in a man's world who meets a rancher with a tragic secret in his past. They're both about to find their inner peace, their calling, and romance in Old California."

Red Dove of Monterey. bk. 1. 1998

Last Swan in Sacramento. bk. 2. 1999

Proud Quail of the San Joaquin. bk. 3.  2000


Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail Series. (Juvenile Literature)

Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail : The Lost Wagon.  bk. 1. 2002

Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail: The Buffalo’s Last Stand. bk. 2. 2002

Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail: The Plain Praire Princess.  bk. 3. 2002


The Skinners of Goldfield Series

The Skinners are just passing through Goldfield, Nevada, on their way West in 1905, but so many in the boom town need their help.

Fool’s Gold. bk. 1. 2000

Hidden Treasure. bk. 2. 2000

Picture Rock. bk. 3. 2001


The Stuart Brannon Western Series

"The hard winter at Broken Arrow Crossing couldn't have come at a worse time for Stuart Brannon. Having left his Arizona ranch sick with grief after losing his family and cattle, Brannon is caught in the teeth of the blizzard. He stumbles half-frozen into an isolated stage station, where he finds a wounded prospector. While staying on and nursing the stranger back to health, Stuart welcomes other winter travelers in need of help. He is soon drawn into their desperate plights. Then he must plunge into a dangerous mission to rescue a boy from nearby hostile Indians, only to become the target of an outlaw band. It's a hard winter that seems long in passing, with little hope of escape."

Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing. bk. 1.  1991

False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine. bk. 2.  1992

The Last Hanging at Paradise Meadow.  bk. 3. 1992

Standoff at Sunrise Creek. bk. 4.  1993

Final Justice at Adobe Wells. bk 5. 1996

Son of an Arizona Legend. bk. 6.  1996

Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot. bk. 7 2012  Large Print
This was Stephen Bly’s last book and completed only part of it before his death. Stephen’s wife and sons finished the book. Most people who read the book, give great reviews and see this book as an inspiring tribute to Stephen Bly.



Help! My Adult Child Won’t Leave Home. 2006 NONFICTION

Just Because They’ve Left, Doesn’t Mean They’re Gone. 1998. NONFICTION

How to be a Good Grandparent. 1990. NONFICTION

How to be a Good Mom. 1988  NONFICTION

How to be a Good Dad. 1986. NONFICTION

Quality Living in a Complicated Age. 1984. NONFICTION

Devotions with a Difference. 1982. NONFICTION

Questions I’d Like to Ask. 1982. NONFICTION

Some of the books, listed above, can be found in your local library. If they do not have the books, then please feel free to ask the library staff if they have a free interlibrary loan service. Some of the books are out-of-print and have been so for a long time. If you would like to see a review or purchase any of these books then please visit and its used-bookstore associates. Some of the older books can be obtained for a pretty fair price at some of's used-bookstore affiliations.

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