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Information, Resources, and Topics for Problem-Solution Papers and Essays

Many students are looking for problem-solution essay topics in order to write a problem-solution paper. Writing college essays can be difficult and the problem-solution paper/essay can be challenging. We have written a number of college essays and research papers, but we find the problem and solution essay as being tricky. We feel that the right topic can make all the difference on how easy or hard writing the problem-solution paper will be. Too big of topic and there may be hardly any realistic, workable solutions. Too small or local of a problem may create a situation where you cannot find enough books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, journal articles, or websites that you may need to support your solution. A lot will depend on what your teacher wants and what the assignment requires. We will list some resources that may help you decide on which topic to choose for the problem-solution paper. However, PLEASE check with your teacher on whatever topic that you choose. ALWAYS remember that your teacher is the final authority on what he or she wants for your paper or speech.


We have done some research on a couple of topics and we will do MORE research. Here is our short list of possibilities for topics for problem and solution essays:

Cyberbullying (Cyber Bullying): We have just begun researching cyberbullying as a topic for a problem-solution paper or speech. We have a web page devoted to writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, but the problem and solution essay requires a different approach. There appears to be just enough solutions to present a problem-solution paper, but we continue to research this for a web page.

After doing considerable research, there is enough books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and peer-review journal articles to help support most of the solutions listed above. The technology solution is a weak argument, BUT is can be mentioned as a solution and help present more than one or two solutions. We are continuing to work on this topic.


Immigration in the U.S.: It is a big problem. Will it ever be solved? Can it be solved? We have not done the research on this, but it may be an acceptable topic for a problem-solution paper. Some of the solutions mentioned over the years include:

This might be a good topic for a problem and solution essay so we will research this topic in the future.


Childhood Obesity: This is a popular topic in the United States, but is this a problem that can be solved? If you choose this topic for a problem-solution paper then you may want to make sure this topic is acceptable with your teacher. There are solutions that have been proposed and implemented to help DECREASE childhood obesity throughout the U.S. culture:

We have NOT done research, but the solutions above have been around for quite a while. Childhood obesity may be too big of topic to choose as a problem and solution essay, but it may be up to you and your teacher to decide.


Elderly Drivers: We tried writing an argumentative research paper on the dangers of elderly drivers. Actually, we had a tough time writing that type of paper. There are statistics that show that the elderly are NOT that dangerous on the road as any other group of citizens. In fact, some statistics show that elderly drivers, as a group, are not all that dangerous at all (as a group). However, there is a concern for those many individual senior citizens who should not be driving. The topic of hazardous elderly drivers may be a good topic for the problem and solution essay. What are the solutions to hazardous elderly drivers?

When researching for the persuasive essay, we ran across the following possible solutions to help elderly drivers:


Other Websites That May Be Able To Help


Prentice Hall gives some advice on the problem-solution paper at:


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