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List of Books (Bibliography) Written by Christian Fiction Author Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland is one of the more popular Christian Fiction writers. Lori covers a wide range of genres as she has written contemporary, contemporary romance, historical romance, and western stories.  Early in her career, she wrote a number of “Harlequin” and “Loveswept” romance stories. When looking for her books, you need to keep in mind that a number of the early books were revised and reprinted under another title. We have tried to list the books in order of publication date.

Amish of Apple Grove Series (with Virginia Smith)

“An exciting new Amish-meets-Wild West adventure from bestselling authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith weaves an entertaining and romantic tale for devoted fans and new readers.
Kansas, 1881--On a trip to visit relatives, Emma Switzer's Amish family is robbed of all their possessions, leaving them destitute and stranded on the prairie. Walking into the nearest trading settlement, they pray to the Lord for someone to help. When a man lands in the dust at her feet, Emma looks down at him and thinks, The Lord might have cleaned him up first.
Luke Carson, heading up his first cattle drive, is not planning on being the answer to anyone's prayers, but it looks as though God has something else in mind for this kind and gentle man. Plain and rugged--do the two mix? And what happens when a dedicated Amish woman and a stubborn trail boss prove to be each other's match?”

The Heart’s Frontier. Book 1. 2012

A Plain and Simple Heart. Book 2. September 2012

A Cowboy at Heart. Book 3. March 2013

Belles of Timber Creek Series (Historical Romance)

“Willow Madison and her friends Copper and Audrey taught school in neighboring Texas towns until the Yankees rode in and burned them out. In the midst of fear and chaos, survivors banded together to fight for what remained of their homes. Then word reached the people that the terrible war was over.
Now penniless but still hopeful, Willow vows she will take care of her friends, and her ailing uncle, in Thunder Ridge, Texas, even if it means having to marry wealthy Silas Sterling, a man thirty years her senior. But standing in her way is sawmill owner Tucker Gray, with his enticing eyes and infuriating headstrong manner—the man Willow cannot get out of her head . . . or her heart. Even though her friends beg her not to give up her dream of happiness, Willow is determined to do the right thing for those who are dearest to her. But which path does God want Willow to take: a life of duty and commitment . . . or a life of everlasting love?”

Twice Loved. Book 1. 2008

Three Times Blessed. Book 2. 2009

One True Love
. Book 3. 2010


Brides of the West (Historical Romance)

“Best-selling author Lori Copeland kicks off this historical Western series with this pleasing tale of mail-order brides set in 1872. When their pastor father dies suddenly, leaving little money, three sisters realize that they need to take drastic action to survive. Each answers a newspaper ad soliciting Christian brides. Faith goes to Texas, where her intended, a well-to-do rancher named Nicholas Shepherd, seems to be having second thoughts. While her wedding is repeatedly postponed, Faith meets a local widower and decides to teach his blind son Braille. In time, Nicholas begins to realize that he may have lost Faith to another man.”

Faith. Book 1. 1998

Book 2. 1999

Book 3. 1999

Book 4. 2000

Book 5. 2002

Book 6. 2004


Carolina Moon Series (Historical)

“Following the end of the Civil War, three young women flee a vindictive uncle. On their journey they encounter a young pregnant slave who is looking for freedom, a Cherokee Scout who finds a place of refuge for them, and a group of war-weary soldiers who rescue them from a cotton field fire.”

The One Who Waits for Me. Book 1. 2011

Dakota Diaries (Historical Romance)

“A romantic new book from bestselling author Lori Copeland that portrays God's miraculous provision even when none seems possible.

1892--Mae Wilkey's sweet next-door neighbor, Pauline, is suffering from old age and dementia and desperately needs family to come help her. But Pauline can't recall having kin remaining. Mae searches through her desk and finds a name--Tom Curtis, who may just be the answer to their prayers.

Tom can't remember an old aunt named Pauline, but if she thinks he's a long-lost nephew, he very well may be. After two desperate letters from Mae, he decides to pay a visit. An engagement, a runaway train, and a town of quirky, loveable people make for more of an adventure than Tom is expecting. But it is amazing what can bloom in winter when God is in charge of things.”

Love Blooms in Winter. Book. 1. 2012

Under the Summer Sky. Book 2. January 2013


Harlequin Love and Laughter (Romance)

Dates and Other Nuts. Book 1. 1996

Fudgeballs and Other Sweets. Book 2. 1998


Heavenly Daze Series / Co-authored with Angela Elwell Hunt)

To a casual visitor, the island of Heavenly Daze is just like a dozen others off the coast of Maine. It is decorated with graceful Victorian mansions, carpeted with gray cobblestones and bright wild flowers, and populated by sturdy, hard-working folks-most of whom are unaware that the island of Heavenly Daze is not just like the other islands of coastal Maine. The small town that crowns its peak consists of seven buildings, each inhabited, according to divine decree, by an angel who has been commanded to guard and help anyone who crosses the threshold. 

Unexpected hijinks and heart-warming results occur when mortals and immortals cross paths-and unaware visitors to the picturesque establishments of Heavenly Daze discover that they have been entertained by angels.”

The Island of Heavenly Daze. Book 1.  2001

Grace in Autumn.
Book 2.  2001

A Warmth in Winter.
Book 3. 2001

A Perfect Love.
Book 4. 2002

Hearts at Home
. Book 5. 2003


Men at Work Series / Malone Family

Darling Deceiver. Book 1. 1990

Built to Last. 1992

A Taste of Temptation. 1992


Men of the Saddle Series (Western)

Description from the first book of the series: “Bull-headed Wynne Elliot has one goal in mind: to track down Cass Claxton and shoot him dead for leaving her at the altar and running off with her money. But when Cass's brother Cole shows up, Wynne finds herself on an unexpected adventure, and she just might lose her heart.

Lori Copeland takes readers back in time to an era when cowboys were heroes and the rules of the Wild West prevailed. Lori's trademark blend of humor, romance, and Christian content make this an irresistible read.”

The Peacemaker. Book 1. 2005

The Drifter. Book 2. 2005

The Maverick. Book 3.  2005

The Plainsman. Book 4.  2006


Morning Shade Mysteries (Detective/Mystery Stories)

“Beloved author Lori Copeland brings her own brand of quirky humor to this endearing series about three generations of women trying to build a harmonious life together under one roof.”

A Case of Bad Taste. Book 1. 2003

A Case of Crooked Letters.
Book 2. 2004

A Case of Nosy Neighbors
. Book 3. 2004


Sisters of Mercy Flats / McDougal Sisters  (Historical Romance/Western)

“When the McDougal sisters were rescued by three strangers on their way to the gallows, each woman was picked up by a different man. Unfortunately for Abigail, she was grabbed by a twit of a shoe salesman, Mr. Hershall Digman. Of course she tried to steal his horse, only to discover the dandy was a Confederate spy! And he came running after her, demanding his papers. With murder in their eyes and lust in their hearts, they embarked on Drake's mission together, knowing that when fire and kerosene mix, the flames may burn out of control....”

Promise Me Today. Book 1. 1992

Promise Me Tomorrow.
Book 1. 1993

Promise Me Forever
. Book 2. 1994


Western Sky Series  (Western)

“Famous bounty hunter Cade Kolby is forced off the trail to decide the fate of his late sister’s orphaned children. He’s not just returning to his hometown and nieces and nephews, but also to the fiery redhead he loved and left 17 years ago.

The last person Zoe Bradshaw wants to see is Cade. She tries to be cool and polite, even as the attraction between them flares up again. Only this time, Zoe is determined to not let Cade get close to her heart.

But the townsfolk have other ideas. They want to see the little orphans with a mother and a father, and they form a plan that includes the possibility of a kiss...”

The Courtship of Cade Kolby. Book 1. 1997 (Remade into “A Kiss for Cade” in 2009)

Outlaw's Bride. Book 2.  2009

Walker's Wedding. Book 3. 2010


Novels (Fiction)

Playing for Keeps. 1983. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

A Tempting Stranger. 1983. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

Only the Best. 1984. Romance / Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme, 52.

A Winning Combination. 1984. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 267.

All or Nothing. 1984.  Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 217.

Out of Control. 1984.  Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

Rainbow's End. 1984. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 294.

Two of a Kind. 1984. Romance / Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme, 39.

Forever After. 1985. Romance / Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme, 320.

Spitfire. 1985. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 350.

More Than She Bargained for. 1985. Romance / Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme, 89.

High Voltage. 1985. Romance / Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme, 76.

A Love of Our Own. 1986. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 406.

Hot on His Trail. 1986. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 429.

Out of This World. 1986. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

Tug of War. 1986. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance.

When Lightning Strikes. 1986. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 444.

Passion's Folly. 1987. Romance / A Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, 497.

Avenging Angel. 1987. Romance.

The Trouble With Thorny. 1988. Romance / Harlequin American Romance, 261.

Tale of Love. 1988. Romance.

Sweet Talkin' Stranger. 1989. Historical Romance.

Dancy's Woman. 1989. Romance / Pageant Romance.

Tall Cotton. 1990. Romance / Harlequin American Romance, 336.

Fool Me Once. 1990. Historical Romance.

Tiz the Season. 1990. Romance / Loveswept 440.

Sweet Hannah Rose. 1991. Historical Romance.

Passion's Captive. 1991. Historical Romance.

Melancholy Baby. 1991. Romance / Loveswept.

Squeeze Play. 1991. Romance / Loveswept, 448.

Forever, Ashley. 1992. Romance / Science Fiction

Like Father, Like Son? 1993.

Like Father, Like Daughter? 1993.

Someone to Love. 1995. Historical Romance.

All or Nothing: Rainbow's End (1995) (Combined two stories from 1984).

Bridal Lace and Buckskin. 1996. Historical Romance.

Angel Face and Amazing Grace. 1996. Historical Romance.

The Bride of Johnny McAllister. 1999. Historical Romance.

Marrying Walker McKay. 2000. Historical Romance.

Child of Grace. 2001. Contemporary

Christmas Vows. 2001. Contemporary.

Roses Will Bloom Again: ...and Emma's Heart Will Never Be the Same . 2002. Heartquest Romance
Stranded in Paradise: A Story of Letting Go. 2002. “Women of Faith” Romance Fiction

Mother of Prevention. 2005. Contemporary.

Monday Morning Faith. 2006. Contemporary.

Yellow Rose Bride. 2006. (“Refreshed version of Bridal Lace and Buckskin”) Historical Romance.

Bluebonnet Belle. 2007. Historical Romance. (Revised edition of Angel Face and Amazing Grace from 1996).

Simple Gifts. 2007. Contemporary Romance.

Unwrapping Christmas. 2007. Contemporary Romance
Now and Always. 2008.Contemporary Romance.

The Christmas Lamp. 2009. Contemporary.

A Man’s Heart. 2010. Contemporary Romance.

Lost Melody. 2011. Contemporary Romance.

When Love Comes My Way. 2012. (Revised issue of Fool Me Once from 1990). Historical Romance.


Short Stories

Timeless Love. 1993: includes the following four short stories:

For All Time / Lori Copeland
Timeswept Love / Catherine Creel
Destiny’s Spell / Kay McMahon
Eden’s Gate / Bobbi Smith

Three Complete Novels 1994:(Collection of three separate novels published on their own earlier.)

Avenging Angel
Passion’s Captive
Sweet Talkin’ Stranger


Seasons of Love. 1995: includes these four short stories:

Winter Moon by Elaine Barbieri
Gentle Rain by Evelyn Rogers
Summer Storm by Karen Lockwood
Golden Harvest by Lori Copeland.


Love's Legacy. 1996: includes all of these short stories:

Fairy Tale / Heather Graham
Letter of Love / Virginia Henley
The Betrothal Ball / Mary Balogh
Golden Treasures / Catherine Hart
Loving Charity / Elaine Barbieri
Savage Fantasy / Cassie Edwards
Hidden Treasures / Penelope Neri
Winds of Change / Janelle Taylor
Annabelle’s Legacy / Diana Palmer
Kindred Hearts / Lori Copeland
To Love Again / Madeline Baker

Baby on the Doorstep. 1997.

Prologue / Susan Kay Law
Woman Next Door / Susan Kay Law
Tomorrow’s Promises / Cassie Edwards
Daniel’s Song / Lori Copeland

With This Ring: A Quartet of Charming Stories About Four Very Special Weddings (1998)

Something Old – Lori Copeland
Something New – Diana Crawford
Something Borrowed - Ginny Aiken
Something Blue - Catherine Palmer

Fruitcakes and Other Leftovers: Christmas, Texas Style. 1999. Book contains two stories authored  by Lori Copeland and Kimberly Raye. Harlequin Duets 15.


Women of Faith Fiction Collection (2005)

Sandpebbles / Patricia Hickman
Stranded in Paradise /Lori Copeland


Many of the books, listed above, can be found in your local library. If they do not have the books, then please feel free to ask the library staff if they have a free interlibrary loan service. Some of the books are out-of-print and have been so for a long time. If you would like to purchase any of these books then please visit and its used-bookstore associates. Some of the older books can be obtained for a pretty fair price at some of's used-bookstore affiliations.

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