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List of Books (Bibliography) Written by Christian Fiction Author Janette Oke

Janette Oke writes historical romance, but her books may be more well-known for their inspirational messages and stories. Some Christian Fiction authors are known for specific qualities of their stories. Some authors are known for their romance. Some are known for their mysteries. Although Janette writes very popular books that can be considerd historical romance, it is the inspirational aspect that may be the special feature that has attracted millions of readers to her Christian Fiction books.


Novels (Fiction)

Dana’s Valley. 2001. (Co-author Laurel Oke Logan) (Contemporary / Family)

Tomorrow's Dream. 1998. (Co-author T. Davis Bunn) (Grief / Inspirational)

A Searching Heart. 1998. (Historical)

The Matchmakers. 1997. (Short, novella of a book. / Domestic / Family)

Another Homecoming. 1997. (Co-author T. Davis Bunn) (Historical Romance)

Return to Harmony. 1996.  (Co-author T. Davis Bunn) (Historical / Friendship)

Nana’s Gift. 1996. (Grandparent and Child / Inspirational)

The Red Geranium. 1995. (Grandparent and Child /Gift of Love) (Juvenile Literature / 72 pages)

Too Long a Stranger. 1994. (Historical / Mother-Daughter / Pioneers)

Quiet Places, Warm Thoughts: devotional stories and poems. 1983.


A Prairie Legacy Series (Historical / Romance)

"The Prairie Legacy Series continues the story of Marty and Clark from the Love Comes Softly series with the first book focusing on their granddaughter Virginia."

The Tender Years. Book 1. 1997

A Searching Heart. Book 2. 1998

A Quiet Strength. Book 3.  1999

Like Gold Refined. Book 4. 2000


Acts of Faith Series (Co-author T. Davis Bunn) (Historical / Biblical)

The Centurion's Wife. Book 1. 2009

The Hidden Flame. Book 2.  2010

The Damascus Way. Book 3. 2011


Canadian West Series

When Calls the Heart. Book 1. 1983

When Comes the Spring. Book 2. 1985

When Breaks the Dawn. Book 3. 1986

When Hope Springs New. Book 4. 1986

Beyond the Gathering Storm. Book 5. 2000

When Tomorrow Comes. Book 6. 2000


Love Comes Softly Series

Love Comes Softly. Book 1. 1979

Love's Enduring Promise. Book 2. 1980

Love's Long Journey. Book 3.  1982

Love's Abiding Joy. Book 4. 1983

Love's Unending Legacy. Book 5. 1984

Love's Unfolding Dream. Book 6. 1987

Love Takes Wing. Book 7.  1988

Love Finds a Home. Book 8.  1989


Seasons of the Heart Series

Once Upon a Summer. Book 1. 1981

The Winds of Autumn. Book 2. 1987

Winter Is Not Forever. Book 3. 1988

Spring's Gentle Promise. Book 4. 1989


Women of the West Series (Historical Romance / Western)

Each of these books are about different women of the west, and do not need to be read in order.

The Calling of Emily Evans
. 1990

Julia's Last Hope. 1990

Roses for Mama. 1991

A Woman Named Damaris. 1991

They Called Her Mrs. Doc. 1992

The Measure of a Heart. 1992

A Bride for Donnigan. 1993

Heart of the Wilderness. 1993

Too Long a Stranger. 1994

The Bluebird and the Sparrow. 1995

A Gown of Spanish Lace.  1995

Drums of Change: the story of Running Fawn. 1996



Celebrating the Inner Beauty of Woman. 1998

Father Who Calls: Devotional insights for Daily Meditations. 1988. (Gives some references to the Canadian West fictional series.)

The Faithful Father. 1993. (Collection of Short Readings)

Janette Oke's Reflections on the Christmas Story. 1994

My favorite recipes: Featuring devotional & selected recipes. 1991

My Favorite Verse. 1987

The Father of Love. 1989. (This book gives excerpts from The Love Comes Softly fictional series.) “Devotional Calendar” that is 208 pages long.

Hey Teacher. 1981. (“A Handbook for Sunday School teachers”)


The Following are Juvenile / Youth Literature

I Wonder… Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb. 2004 (picture book) (Illustrator: Corbert Gauthier)

What Does Love Look Like? 2001. (Illustrator: Cheri Bladholm)

Making Memories. 1999 (Grandfather and Child / Memories) (Illustrator: Cheri Bladholm)


Janette Oke Classics for Girls Series

The Calling of Emily Evans. 1990 (Originally published in1990)

The Bluebird and the Sparrow. 1995

Roses for Mama. 2002

Heart of the Wilderness. 2002

A Gown of Spanish Lace. 2002

Drums of Change. 2003


Janette Oke's Animal Friends series

New Kid in Town. 1983

The Prodigal Cat. 1984

Ducktails. 1985

The Impatient Turtle. 1986

A Cote of Many Colors. 1987

This Little Pig. 1991

Who's New at the Zoo? 1994

Prairie Dog Town. 2001

Trouble in a Fur Coat. 2001

Maury Had a Little Lamb. 2001

Pordy's Prickly Problem. 2001


Spunky Series (Part of Animal Friends)

Spunky's Diary. 1982. (Illustrator: Nancy Munger)

Spunky’s First Christmas. 1997

Spunky’s Camping Adventure. 1998. (Sue Wilkinson, Lorianne Wilkinson, Elizabeth Gatt, Holly Lennox).

Spunky’s Circus Adventure. 1999. (Sue Wilkinson, Lorianne Wilkinson, Elizabeth Gatt, Holly Lennox).

Some of the books, listed above, can be found in your local library. If they do not have the books, then please feel free to ask the library staff if they have a free interlibrary loan service. Some of the books are out-of-print and have been so for a long time. If you would like to see a review or purchase any of these books then please visit and its used-bookstore associates. Some of the older books can be obtained for a pretty fair price at some of's used-bookstore affiliations.

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