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The Truth about Credible, Legitimate Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

There are A LOT of requests for information about work at home data entry jobs. We admit that it sounds like that this would be a great work at home job. The idea is for a company to send you work at home so that you can enter that data into a specific format, or database, for a company. When doing the research, we tried to keep an open mind. WE REALLY DID. However, after seeing A LOT of literature on the subject of work at home data entry jobs, we have to conclude that there really are NOT many legitimate work at home data entry jobs. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of SCAMS associated with work at home data entry jobs. It is extremely difficult and frustrating trying to locate any credible, legitimate companies that provide credible, legitimate work at home data entry jobs. However, we are going to list just a few companies that we believe are credible. We must emphasize that there is a lot of competition for a relatively few credible work at home data entry jobs. Some of these companies readily admit that they do not have any jobs at this time, but some of these companies will accept your application to put on file for future reference.

Axion Data Services at hires data entry operators who work from their home and are considered independent contractors. This means that work at home data entry operators need to have their own computer, equipment, and software to do the job.

There is not much information, but there is just enough information from multiple resources that makes me believe that this is a legitimate company. Axion Data Services is very up front that they have NO jobs at the time of this writing. They openly say on their website: "There are currently no openings for data entry operators; however, you may choose to register your information with us on the remote chance we may need a few people in the future." Again, I must say that there is a lot of competition for these jobs. Axion is gracious enough to offer to put your application on file or register your information for the future. This is an offer that you may want to give serious consideration, because it is so hard to find credible work at home data entry jobs.

More Contact Information:

Axion Data Services
800 Bursca Dr.
Suite 804
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Arrow Data Entry Projects at offers solutions to companies who want to outsource their data entry projects. There is not much information on this company, but it appears to be legitimate.

Contact Information:

Arrow Data Entry Projects
3824 Sunset Drive
Spring Park, Minnesota 55384

Dion Data Services at offers a variety of services to companies, and data entry is one of those services. Dion Data Services has been in business for over 10 years and operates in the United States. Work at home operators have to supply their own computers and equipment.

Contact Information:

Dion Data Services
Diane Dion, President
1028 South Bishop Ave. Suite 231
Rolla, MO. 65401

Key for Cash, that is NOW VirtualBee at, is a GREAT example of how difficult it can be to find a credible work at home data entry job. An EXCELLENT review of Key for Cash, before it became VirtualBee, can be found at There is one group of people who believe that Key for Cash is a credible, legitimate work at home data entry company. This group is satisfied with the pay and the way things operate. However, a different group thinks that the company is a scam. They have applied to the company and have not heard anything for many, many months. Then you have a group of people who are somewhere in the middle. Some of these people were accepted by Key for Cash and make some money. They are NOT happy about how the amount of jobs and pay have decreased over the years, but they feel that Key for Cash is a legitimate company. As you read the review, you can see that Key for Cash asks for a social security number and this can be alarming and does give reason to apply CAUTION.

Elance ( and Odesk ( are two different online organizations that do very similar things. Both organizations provide a type of online bulletin board where companies can post their "jobs" and people can bid, or interview, for those jobs. Another way to put it is that companies have projects that they want to outsource. Those projects are listed so freelancers/private contractors can offer their services. This means that any person can access these two websites, search for data entry jobs, and then try to convince the company that offers the data entry project that they are the worker that can get the job done, at a reasonable price.

Well, that is about it for legitimate companies that provide work at home data entry jobs. There appears to be ALMOST no legitimate companies out there providing legitimate work at home data entry jobs. I am not one hundred percent sure about the companies listed above BUT there is some literature to suggest that they are legitimate. After looking at SO MUCH literature and seeing SO MANY SCAMS associated with data entry work at home jobs, my best advice is to consider a more credible, legitimate work at home job other than data entry. There are credible, legitimate work at home jobs and information for those jobs can be found at Work at Home Job Web Page at

Four Very GOOD Books Covering Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

There are a lot of books and information "out there" about work at home jobs. The goal of this website is to cut through as much of the tremendous amount of information and provide you with some credible, basic information about work from home jobs. The following three books are some of the best that I reviewed that give very good, credible, relevant information about work at home jobs for anyone who is SERIOUS about trying to find a work at home job. There are other books available, but in my opinion, these three books are worth the money. Each link will take you to Amazon where you can find more reviews for each book. Like most information about work at home jobs, it is up to YOU to determine if the companies listed in these books are legitimate. However, the authors tried to present the most credible, legitimate information that they could find.

Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash without the Commute: is co-authored by well-respected and well-known Tory Johnson who has appeared a number of places such as Good Morning America. This book, as well as the other books listed, will give general, standard information about working at home. I am talking about providing information about the pros and cons of working at home such as a need for self-discipline, personal rewards, and all kinds of things like this. Where this book, and the others listed here, really stand out is the attention to detail on specific work at home jobs such as virtual assistant, customer service representative, mystery shopper, transcription, and more. You get just enough information about these specific jobs as well as a list of companies that you can contact for employment. Personally, I would liked to have seen more information given per specific career and more companies listed, BUT there is enough information here to justify purchasing the book, especially now that I see that Amazon has reduced the price MORE.

The Work at Home Success Bible: A complete guide for women; start your own business; balance work and home life; develop telecommuting strategies: according to the title sounds like so many other work at home job books that will give you a lot of general information and skip the needed specifics. HOWEVER, do NOT be fooled by the long title. This is a very, very good book that gives the standard general information BUT a lot of relevant, helpful information about specific work at home jobs. I really like this book because early on, it states the philosophy of the book which is to provide information about what the author feels are realistic work at home jobs such as customer service representatives, transcriptionists and more. The author tries to stay away from questionable jobs that are associated with scams and are known to provide very little pay, such as data entry and assembly jobs. This book is NOT just for women. This book will provide information about specific home jobs and a number of legitimate companies that supply the work at home jobs. Like I mentioned about the book above, I would like to see more information about specific jobs and companies, BUT maybe I ask for too much. There is very good information within this book for anyone who is serious about finding credible, legitimate, decent-paying work from home jobs.


Work at Home Now: The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams and Making a Great Living:

Christine Durst and Michael Haaren created and maintains the well-respected Rat Race Rebellion website about work at home jobs. Both authors can be considered experts in the work at home job field. This is a very good book. I am not crazy about some of the title that includes the words "making a great living" because so many legitimate work at home jobs do not pay the best. After doing a lot of research on work at home jobs and seeing A LOT of scams, the words "making a great living" looks a little scamish. HOWEVER, this is a very, very good book. This is NOT a scam book at all. This book differs a little than the others because this book concentrates more on techniques and strategies to FIND work at home jobs.


Medical Transcriptionist: Is it the Right Career for You?

Many people are looking for a credible legitimate work-at-home career. For that reason, we will list this medical transcriptionist ebook on this web page. We have had a lot of people ask us what it is like to be a medical transcriptionist. This ebook will provide a realistic look at the pros and cons of being a medical transcriptionist. Definitely, being a medical transcriptionist is not for everyone. However, there are thousands of medical transcriptionists who are satisfied with this particular career. If you really want to know if you should spend the time, effort, and money on training for this specific work-at-home career, then you owe it to yourself to view this ebook.


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