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List of Books (Bibliography) Written by Christian Fiction Author Carrie Bender

Carrie Bender is known to write very realistic fiction stories about the Amish.  I know that fact and fiction are two different concepts, but most people “in the know” see Bender as one of the more accurate storytellers of Amish everyday life. It is understandable why Carrie Bender can write with such authority because what little literature that can be found about Carrie is that the name Carrie Bender is the pseudonym for the daughter of an Old Order Mennonite Bishop. As can be seen by some of the descriptions of the following series, Carrie writes for adult AND youth audiences.  For those readers who are looking for Amish Christian fiction stories/books with attention to accurate depiction of everyday Amish life and the Amish community, then you may want to read some of Carrie Bender’s Amish books, starting with the very popular Miriam’s Journal series.

Fiction Standalone Novel

Springtime’s  Promise. 2009 (Orphan / Grandparents)


Dora’s Diary  Series (Youth / Adolescence / Amish)

Dora is the adopted daughter of Miriam and Nate from the Miriam’s Journal series.  Dora wants to try something different so she becomes a teacher within the Amish community in Minnesota. The story is told in diary form. The series follows the life of Dora from age 16 into adulthood.

Birch Hollow Schoolmarm. Book 1. 1999

Lilac Blossom Time. Book 2. 2001

Beyond Mist Blue Mountains. Book 3. 2003 (Women Missionaries)

Millstream Orchards Family. Book 4. 2004

Rock Garden Ramblings. Book 5. 2005


Johanna’s Journal Series

Melody of My Heart. Book 1. 2003 “Johanna's Journal isn't only about the Johnstown flood, it's about a young woman's hopes and dreams.”

On Wings of Serenity. Book 2. 2004. “This is the second journal of Johanna Montgomery that was discovered in the old stone house. It covers her time in San Francisco, California, from 1905-1906. Johanna travels to San Francisco with the Reverend and Mrs. Cecil Langham to try and bring their wayward son back to the fold. On the way they meet a lonely girl, Valerie Gladwin. She travels with them and eventually becomes as close to Johanna as a sister. While they are in San Francisco, a terrible earthquake shakes the city, causing indescribable destruction. Johanna finds that trusting in God's leading enables her to rise above the circumstances and find peace.”

Joy’s Journal  Series  (Amish / Montana)

“A just-married Amish couple settles on a Montana homestead and experiences the excitement of beginning life together, the loneliness of distance from their family, the fear of mysterious night-time prowlers, a hostile taxpayer—all shared amidst the four seasons experienced by Miriam "Joy" who was just a little girl in the popular "Miriam's Journal Series.”

Tall Cedars Homestead. Book 1. 2002

Beechwood Acres. Book 2. 2003

Majestic Oak Memoirs. Book 3. 2003

Forget Me Not Lane. Book 4. 2004

Lamplight on the Hearth. Book 5. 2005


Miriam’s Journal Series  (Amish Life and Relationships are presented as these stories follow the life of Miriam)
A Fruitful Vine. Book 1. 1993 “After a summer of "dating" Nate, Miriam finds herself hopelessly in love with him--but now Hannah claims Nate! Miriam resolves to let no one know about her feelings for Nate. She yields herself to God's will, and in the end she finds satisfaction and happiness.”

A Winding Path. Book 2. 1994

A Joyous Heart. Book 3. 1994

A Treasured Friendship. Book 4. 1996

A Golden Sunbeam. Book 5. 1996


Whispering Brook Farm Series features the Petersheims and their Amish life on their farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  (Amish Life and Relationships) (Juvenile Literature)

Whispering Brook Farm. Book 1. 1995

Summerville Days. Book 2. 1996

Chestnut Ridge Acres. Book 3. 1997

Hemlock Hill Hideaway. Book 4. 2000

Woodland Dell’s Secret. Book 5. 2002

Timber Lane Cove. Book 6. 2003


Willowcreek  Series (Amish / Tennessee)  (Juvenile Literature)

“Steven and Annie, a newly married Amish couple, begin farming in a settlement in Tennessee.”

Willowcreek Valley Farm. Book 1. 2002

Bittersweet Journey. Book 2. 2003

Horseshoe Knoll. Book 3. 2003

Trailblazing in Penn’s Woods. Book 4. 2005

A Home in the Wilderness. Book 5. 2006



Betty Girl and Other Animal Stories. 2004. (Animals / Juvenile Literature)

Miriam’s Cookbook. 1998. (Editor: Mary Clemens Meyer)

Some of the books, listed above, can be found in your local library. If they do not have the books, then please feel free to ask the library staff if they have a free interlibrary loan service. Some of the books are out-of-print and have been so for a long time. If you would like to see a review or purchase any of these books then please visit and its used-bookstore associates. Some of the older books can be obtained for a pretty fair price at some of's used-bookstore affiliations.

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