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List of Christian Fiction Books

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List of Books (Bibliography) Written by Christian Fiction Author B J Hoff

B. J. Hoff's writing is known for her historical settings, her unforgettable characters, and her lyrical prose. She is the bestselling author of numerous historical fiction series, including the Riverhaven Years, the Mountain Song Legacy, the Song of Erin saga, the American Anthem series, and An Emerald Ballad series.

Her readers know that they can expect to meet some memorable people in her novels and also know that many of those people will be immigrants-Irish immigrants particularly, but not exclusively.

BJ admits to a passion for "building worlds." Whether her characters move about in small country towns or metropolitan areas, reside in Amish settlements, secluded mansions, or coal company houses, she creates communities where people can form relationships, raise families, pursue their faith, and experience the mountains and valleys of life.

Novels (Fiction)

Mists of Danger. 1986. (Romantic Suspense)

The Winds of Graystone Manor. 1995. (Historical / Romantic Suspense)

The Penny Whistle. 1996. (Historical)

Masquerade. 1996


American Anthem Series

“So begins American Anthem, a story set in 1870s New York that lets the reader step into another time to share the hopes and dreams and triumphant faith of a people you'll grow to love ... a people readers will never forget.”

Prelude. Book 1. 2002

Cadence. Book 2.  2003

Jubiliee. Book 3. 2004


The Dalton Saga

“Against the colorful backdrop of West Point in 1842, the saga of a giant of a man and his innocent ward begins to unfold. Caught up in his own private battle against bigotry and injustice, West Point Chaplain Jess Dalton is suddenly confronted by a different kind of conflict... His guardianship of the young Irish immigrant, Kerry O'Neill, thrusts him into a struggle of forbidden love that threatens to tear him apart from within. Bewildered by the longings of his heart, the betrayal of friends and his desire to follow God's plan, Jess Dalton must find the balance between love...and honor.”

To Love and To Honor. Book 1. 1986

A Whisper in the Wind. Book 2. 1987


Daybreak Mysteries Series (Romantic Suspense/Detective)

“Beautiful young Jennifer Terry accepts a position as executive assistant at a Christian radio station in a small Virginia town. Her new employer is Daniel Kaine, a former Olympic gold medalist in swimming, who was blinded in a car accident with a drunk driver. The attraction between Jennifer and Daniel is quick to kindle, but their growing relationship soon takes a backseat to the insidious threats and attempts on Daniel's life.”

The Storm at Daybreak. Book 1. 1986

The Captive Voice. Book 2. 1987

The Tangled Web. Book 3. 1988

Vow of Silence. Book 4. 1988

Dark River Legacy. Book 5. 1990


Emerald Ballad Series (Historical Irish-American Family Stories)

Song of the Silent Harp. Book 1. 1991

Heart of the Lonely Exile. Book 2. 1991

Land of a Thousand Dreams. Book 3. 1992

Sons of an Ancient Glory. Book 4. 1993

Dawn of the Golden Promise. Book 5.  1994


Mountain Song Legacy (Historical / Rural Coal Mining Family Life)

A Distant Music. Book 1. 2006 (Portions of this book was published in the The Penny Whistle)

The Wind Harp. Book 2. 2006

The Song Weaver. Book 3. 2007


Riverhaven Years (Historical Amish)

“With the first book, Rachel’s Secret, Hoff introduces a new community of unforgettable characters and adds the elements readers have come to expect from her novels: a tender love story, the faith journeys of people we grow to know and love, and enough suspense to keep the pages turning quickly.

When the wounded Irish American riverboat captain, Jeremiah Gant, bursts into the rural Amish setting of Riverhaven, he brings chaos and conflict to the community--especially for young widow, Rachel Brenneman. The unwelcome “outsider” needs a safe place to recuperate before continuing his secret role as an Underground Railroad conductor. Neither he nor Rachel is prepared for the forbidden love that threatens to endanger a man’s mission, a woman’s heart, and a way of life for an entire people.”

Rachel’s Secret. Book 1. 2008

Where Grace Abides. Book 2. 2009


Song of Erin Series (Historical Irish Americans)

Cloth of Heaven. Book 1. 1997

Ashes and Lace. Book 2. 1999


Some of the books, listed above, can be found in your local library. If they do not have the books, then please feel free to ask the library staff if they have a free interlibrary loan service. Some of the books are out-of-print and have been so for a long time. If you would like to see a review or purchase any of these books then please visit and its used-bookstore associates. Some of the older books can be obtained for a pretty fair price at some of's used-bookstore affiliations.

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